Verification of Bets

Nowadays, there is a huge number of various betting sites and free or paid tipping services all over the web but they heavily differ in their quality and credibility.

There are tipsters and sites promising unreal winnings, offering so called fixed bets or claiming to regularly hit nine winners out of ten bets. Well, it all sounds very tempting, but if you join them, you’ll then find soon enough that it is all broken promises, that the past betting record wasn’t real and you most probably end up losing your money. MultiBetMe strongly recommends you to stay away from similar sites and tipping services. In the end, you would hardly invest your money with a company with unknown history that would claim to give you 200% profit in a year, wouldn’t you? So why should it be any different with sports betting?

The Meaning of Bets Verification

There are independent monitoring services, mostly paid, that offer betting sites and tipping services an opportunity to independently verify their betting results and credibility. This way the visitors can be assured that the betting record is real.

MultiBetMe Approach

In order to warrant our visitors that all of our picks and betting record are 100% accurate, and that we play fair and do not use any dubious methods, we are, from the very first pick, independently monitored by these companies:

> MyBigPartner

This is an unique approach for a free sports betting site but we consider honesty and credibility as the most important values of any business. MultiBetMe – a brand you can trust!

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