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Our Aim

Unlike many tipping services that promise their visitors easy winnings and the get rich quick schemes but in the end fail to fulfill these unrealistic promises, we, the MultiBetMe team, are taking a different approach to running a sports betting oriented web site. We do consider honesty and credibility as the most important values of any business and had them on mind when creating this website. For this reason all our picks and the overall betting record are independently verified by a monitoring company.

We are well aware of the fact that our picks are the most popular part of our website, but we aim to be much more than just a reliable provider of winning picks for you. We want to share our experience with you, explain the meaning of the most important betting terms and teach you how to become a successful sports bettor.

Our Team

Our team consists of people of all different characters but we all have one thing in common – we really love the sport of tennis, AFL, NRL, cricket and the excitement of sports betting.

For more than a decade we have been watching matches to get to know the players and their playing styles, reading news, fine-tuning our betting strategies and money management plans in order to make a way of an investment out of betting for us. Our picks are provided by writers who proved their skills on the biggest betting sites on the internet and are producing stable profits on an yearly basis. All of them have vast experience with sports betting and putting this into all betting articles and picks on this website.

Our Betting Approach

We consider sports betting as a way of investing our money, very similar to investing on stock markets. Similar principles are applied in both areas – you must be disciplined, have good money management and think in a long term. Our long term aim is to generate stable profits out of our bets with return of investment of 108% (or higher) on yearly basis.

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