Discipline in Betting

Loosing and winning streaks are very common things in betting and even the most professional bettors face it. But there is a huge difference in the way newbies and experienced professionals handle it. When average newbies win a few bets in a row, he often starts to feel unstoppable, increases his stakes and risk to unreasonable levels and very soon returns all his winnings back to bookmakers.

On the other hand, losing streaks make him feel bad and desperate to immediately win back his money, so he loses his head and leaves all betting rules and money management principles. Chasing losses is such a big danger to your bankroll because you lose your calmness, do not select your bets patiently, start over-staking and so the risk increases enormously. It is of no surprise that bookmakers make some of their best earnings on Sunday nights as it is the time when many bettors try to recover their weekend losses.

You cannot eliminate losing streaks but you have to learn how to deal with it and minimalise your losses. Being impulsive never helps, so stay calm, strictly stick to your staking plan, take your time and wait for the right bets with valuable odds. Take a break from betting if you suddenly feel under pressure or emotionally disturbed. Remember that you can be a master in predicting the game outcomes, but if you lack discipline you will struggle to avoid losing money in the long run.

It is of a great help if you’re keeping a record of all your bets (using for example a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) as it will allow you to review your performance, find your strengths and weaknesses, fine tune your staking plan and betting strategy and last but not least stay disciplined.

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